Who We Are

Our Experience

We have been building long term wealth ever since we started in 2003.  Our team manages all aspects of our clients’ investments and financial lifestyle, including their retirement and estate programs.  Our aim is to reframe your expectations of an advisor with high quality support for the lifestyle of your choice.  Led by our founder, Matthew Shapiro, a recognized investment professional, our team will work closely with you on your unique wealth plan. Unlike agenda-driven financial salesmen, our agenda is you.  If you are ready to breakup with a worn out plan or just starting out, we are ready to reframe the possibilities.

Our Spirit

We take pride in the values we uphold with our clients and our unbiased approach.  When you work with us, our team is fully committed to your life and career goals .  Integrity and excellence is a foundational commitment in everything we do, so you know that we are behind you every step.

Our Plan

For 15 years at MWS Capital, our multi-step investing strategy has kept us calm during any market turbulence. 

Think long-term. 

Rather than chasing the rise and fall of stock prices day to day, we focus on resilient publicly traded businesses that will perform well for years to come. 

 Focus on business value.

Our clients see themselves as business owners, not stock or fund traders. As long as each invested business is doing well, so are we.

 Focus on growth. 

Through careful fundamental analysis, we seek investments that deliver both growth and value. We invest in stocks and funds that provide growing earnings and income for our investors.

Socially Conscious Investing

Invest in things you care about.

Build your wealth with investments that fit your personal vision.  Invest in companies you care about that are helping to build a brighter future you’ll be proud of.

Why Hire Us?

Personal Fit

We are an advisor who understands goals and personal values just as much as you.

Focus on your Goals

Let us focus on your investments so you can focus on your success and your life.

We Value You

Take charge of your wealth with us, our agenda is your agenda. Start with us today.


Harness your growth. Your customized wealth plan and 24/7 access is unlimited.

Investment Knowledge

Take your investments to the next level. We are prepared to help, refine and recast.

Constant Support

Whether you need estate planning or just better results, we will assemble the professionals.

Matthew Shapiro

Founder & President

Matthew Shapiro is a nationally recognized investment expert, appearing on Bloomberg, Yahoo, and on the radio in Chicago.  Matt has guided MWS Capital since its inception, using his growth philosophy that focuses on our economy and high quality investments.  The Letter, MWS Capital’s quarterly client report on the investment market, has shared this vision and approach since the founding of MWS Capital in 2003.

“Wealth is not defined by a number- it’s a function of feeling good about your time and what you are doing along the way”

– Matthew Shapiro


Donald T. Kinnaman


Don has over 40 years of experience in national public accounting.  A graduate of Illinois, he began his career as a tax accountant with national accounting firm of Touche Ross, and eventaully moved into his own partnership where he provides tax services to pension plans, partnerships, trusts and individuals.

William J. Alt

Associate Advisor

Will graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2020 with a BBA in Finance. While there, he was a four-year member and three-year letter winner on the Men’s Varsity Crew Team. He looks forward to using his skills and experience towards providing excellent financial service to individual clients and businesses alike.

Bespoke Investment Strategy

Unlike other advisors, we provide completely customized financial planning, as opposed to a bundled one size fits all solution.

Stock Market Primer

We pride ourselves in identifying sound investment opportunities for our clients. Depending on our clients’ goals, we specifically target companies that have the potential to grow faster than the market.  We also take advantage of fund managers to provide the best possible expertise and to diversify risk.  

Unlike most advisors, we invest in individual companies and mutual funds that provide a crucial difference over formulaic offerings. We believe our clients want an advisor that actually knows how to invest as opposed to an advisor who has been told to follow a one size strategy.

Quality Funds

Research has shown that having the right stocks and funds can make all the difference and when combined with leading growth managers, can outperform the market.  Our advantage is that security analysis makes the most of your individual investment choices.  

In our experience, true investment selection enables our clients to have an opportunity to maximize their returns.  Our semi-active management can capitalize on opportunities for growth and help during difficult markets periods.  Even moderate amounts of excess return and reduced risk can have a massive effect on your investment results.

Ready to Redefine your Wealth Management?