Retirement Planning

eMoney and Financial Planning

We use eMoney, the most sophisticated suite of financial software tools available today, to better provide you with retirement planning guidance. The eMoney system integrates all of your financial data, goes through your spending and income, and incorporates advanced analytics to accurately project your needs for important things such as life insurance and the size of your retirement nest egg. This innovative financial planning software allows us to efficiently cover all of our clients’ planning needs. 

How Much is Enough

The closer you get to retirement, the more you probably find yourself thinking: “How much do I really need to live on for the rest of my years?” People are living longer and longer these days and while that’s great news in general, it means that good retirement planning is even more critical to ensure that you continue to have enough money to fuel your new endeavors and passions.

The best way to start is to consider how much you plan on spending every year after your retirement and the things you still want to accomplish with your time. These calculations should include things you may not be paying for now such as extra travel expenses or medical bills.

Once this is found, we can estimate how big your nest egg should be in order to provide for you throughout the rest of your life. In general, it’s advised that your yearly expenses are less than 4% of your total funds in order to maintain your portfolio value and current lifestyle.

The Foundation of Retirement

It takes time to build up money to put in your savings, especially the savings for your retirement. Fortunately, if you start now, it may feel less overwhelming down the road. It is important to focus on your overall financial well being and that is what we are here to help you with. Figuring out a retirement budget, creating an investment plan, and sticking to that strategy is crucial to setting yourself up for retirement when that time comes. In addition, it is important to take a few other steps to ensure that you will be set up for a successful retirement. For instance, evaluating your current health, deciding how much you want or need to work, creating a retirement budget, finding ways to cut your expenses and save more, and preparing for the unexpected are all key steps in creating a solid retirement plan. 


Overall, retirement planning can be very difficult and overwhelming with many nuances and advanced strategies out there to navigate. Our team would be happy to talk with you about your unique situation and what might be your best approach for your retirement planning.

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