Founder & President

Matthew Shapiro is President and Founder of MWS Capital Consultants LLC, which manages investments for a diverse group of clients across Chicagoland and nationally. Matt guides his clients with a long term philosophy that focuses on our economy and high quality investments. The Letter, MWS Capital’s quarterly report on the investment market, has shared this vision and timeless approach since the founding of MWS Capital in 2002.

Matt’s inspiration and eye for quality drives his growth style in long term holdings of select stocks, bonds and funds. Matt’s core clients include prominent Chicagoans, Millennials and professional couples, retirees and business owners. Most of all, Matt enjoys building long term accounts for everyday hard working people. His market views are often featured as a continuing guest on Bloomberg, First Business, and CBS Radio in Chicago.

Matt’s financial career started as an Economics student at Rutgers College in the early nineties. During this time he opened his first brokerage account at AG Edwards and eventually, Matt started a career as a stock options trader on the American Stock Exchange, moving to Chicago to trade on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. In 2002 Matt formed MWS Capital Consultants LLC in order to guide traditional long term investments.

In his free time, Matt is into competitive slot car racing with his 1/24 scale GTP Racer, is on a lifetime quest to become a competent golfer, and is extremely dedicated to his large family.

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