In today’s trendless market, it’s even more important to own individual companies that have real growth and social value. Social choice is a critical factor for our clients and part of our investing strategy. Many of our clients find that it’s important to align their investments with their own values. Plus, studies show that socially responsible companies have better financial performance and enhanced returns, providing social value and great results. That’s a great outcome for our investors, where social choice investing is a priority. 

Socially responsible companies make it a priority to create a positive impact on the economy. They do this by committing themselves to providing equal wages, opportunities for women, and supporting a diverse work environment.  Most clients prefer to invest in companies that value things like environmental sustainability or uphold high labor rights standards. In exploratory conversations with clients, we discover which aspects of social choice are most important and incorporate this into their investments. 

At MWS Capital, many of our largest holdings are committed to reducing emissions and becoming more environmentally friendly. Protecting the planet has now become a larger goal among companies. Conscious businesses are starting to play their part by conserving water resources, minimizing waste, and by creating sustainable products and devices for their consumers. 

Social choice investing also includes what kind of advisor you want to work with. We are fully aligned with our clients’ interests. We believe this fundamental difference improves performance, reduces cost, and provides the highest level of service. The big financial and lifestyle results our clients are looking for is what we provide. While we are not brokers, we also do not sell insurance. We offer uncompromising individualized and expert advice from real financial planning to investment management. 

By investing with us, you can build your wealth in companies that match your moral standards. Providing for your family with companies that build a brighter future and holding assets that you’ll be proud to hand down to your heirs.

Millennials – Your Passions in Mind

Socially conscious investing puts your money behind companies who make a positive impact in your community. For example, you can support businesses that employ inclusive practices with a diverse population of employers. 

A busy lifestyle is not always ideal when trying to juggle spending time with family, having a social life, and managing a career or new job. Yet, some people prefer to always be moving around throughout a city and having a more vibrant style of living. We are here to accommodate both. 

Through investing with us, you have the chance to make an impact with your money by investing in companies that share similar passions to you. Community investing, for example, is an appreciable way to spend money to help out organizations, collect funds for the public good, and help enhance the quality of the community as a whole.

Generation X – Help Facilitate The Future

You’re working hard for your money, now you can make it work hard for the world. MWS Capital can help you invest in companies at the forefront of their fields using socially conscious methods to innovate and make a positive change for decades to come.

By being a supporter of companies that are doing their part to be responsible social partners, you can make sure both you and your investments are committed to providing equal wages, opportunities for all, and a diverse environment. Plus, these companies tend to be the ones focused on new technologies and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Boomers – Your Portfolio, Your Legacy

Your money is your voice, invest loud and clear! Investing in socially responsible companies shows that you value companies that are forward thinking and that are using their resources for good. 

You may be thinking about retirement coming just around the corner but being on trend with the latest investments will make a big difference financially, but social trends are still found everywhere in various aspects of life. Missing out on investing in recent developments may hurt you in the long run. In fact, studies have shown that there is a positive correlation between highly socially responsible companies and corporate financial performance.  

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