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Your most important assets are your loved ones, career, and accomplishments.  A premier wealth manager with the right personal fit frees you to focus on what matters in your life.

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Take advantage of our expertise to redefine your planning and results.

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Sleep easy at night, knowing you’re on track to a stress free retirement.

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Find a better balance of growth and stability for your lifestyle and needs.

Matthew Shapiro

Founder & President

Matthew Shapiro founded MWS Capital Consultants with one big goal: to bring the ultimate bespoke wealth management to his clients.  Matt is an expert on growth and generational investing, fixed income, and premier wealth planning.  He invites you to discover the difference – what real investing and close personal support is all about and the change it can make in your life. 

“Our clients’ biggest assets are not their investment accounts, it’s their time, life, and all the great things they do. Our mission is freeing them to pursue all of this without any restraints.”

– Matthew Shapiro

Everything Personalized for You

In our exploratory meeting, we’ll talk about your experiences, preferences, and goals so that we can get a better understanding of exactly what you need. We’ll work with you to construct a plan that best suits your lifestyle while keeping in mind the dreams you have for the future. Everything is completely tailored and no two financial plans are the same. We build everything around you and your loved ones.

Socially Conscious Wealth Management

Invest in what you care about.

Build your wealth with investments that fit your personal vision.  Invest in companies you care about that are helping to build a brighter future you’ll be proud of.

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