Matthew Shapiro is President and Founder of MWS Capital Consultants LLC, and advocates for his clients and the growth of their wealth. He has shepherded client funds with his vision and timeless approach since founding MWS Capital in 2003. Matt has guided his clients through changing markets with his long term philosophy that focuses on our economy and high quality investments. Matt's inspiration and eye for quality drives his growth style in long term holdings of select stocks, bonds and funds. While performance is important, Matt's first duty is to his clients as their advisor, many who were either bewildered by the financial landscape, or just jaded by the slick offerings of brokers and funds. Matt's core clients include prominent Chicagoans, professional couples, retirees and business owners. Matt is also exceptionally strong with successful and independent clients who favor his personal approach. Most of all, Matt especially enjoys building long term accounts for everyday hard working people: the kitchen table investors who bring him some of the most satisfaction.

Matt is a frequent market commentator, appearing on CNBC, Bloomberg Television, the nationally syndicated First Business, and CBS Radio, WBBM-780 in Chicago. He has been a featured guest speaker of the Chicago chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors.

Matt received a BA in Economics in 1996 from Rutgers College in New Jersey. His years of investment and trading experience started with his first clerking job on the New York Cotton Exchange in 1995. He then joined William Charlton and Co, a trading firm on the American Stock Exchange, with whom he was employed until 2003. There he rose to head clerk before volunteering to trade on the CBOE. Matt moved to Chicago in 1998, elbowed into the crowd that traded options on EMC Corporation and was immediately successful in the wild Internet Bubble of 1999 and 2000. Since then, Matt has sought to bring his investing to the public.

Donald T. Kinnaman, CPA

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