Our Investment Process is focused on obtaining the best possible results for our client’s needs. We work closely with our clients to evaluate their financial situation and goals. Personalized investment portfolios are tailored to each client. The goal of MWS Capital is to provide our clients with prudent growth while preserving assets. Ongoing contact and communication ensures that clients are always informed and comfortable with their portfolios.

Modern Tactics for Classic Investing –

Our Core Strategy
capitalizes on the underlying productivity of the economy with a sound portfolio of stocks and bonds. We maintain a stock picking approach and thoroughly investigate the best tactics to use in changing markets.

Our fundamental stock selection process seeks attractive business fundamentals that include firm competitive advantages, differentiation, profitability, and long term appreciation. Each company is selected as an appropriate component of a diversified portfolio.

Our fixed income investment process seeks to maximize yield and safety of principle. We analyze each issuer’s fundamentals and business conditions while maintaining a high degree of diversification among bond classes.

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